I Remember Papa
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Air date Nov. 1, 1984
Written by Greg Antonacci
Directed by Greg Antonacci
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After an uncle's funeral, Joe and Lou become estranged following an argument about the memory of their father.

Joe states that "Pop was a hard man". Lou disagrees with this vehemently. He says, "If you say bad things about Pop you're no brother of mine."

They don't speak for two weeks and Cliff feels the need to intercede. He's going to try and get Joe to attend Lou's award ceremony marking him as Rhino of the Year. Donald invites both Joe and Lou over to his house. He's made Lou's favorite meal of Spaghetti-Os.

Donald also invites over a friend, Walt Fenster, who is a professional hypnotist to help Joe and Lou resolve their differences. They enter a dream state where they remember their father and all is well that ends well.

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