Penny Waters

Penny Waters

Joe's teenage daughter, Penny, was becoming independent at a faster rate than he ever anticipated.

Penny has rapidly matured from a gentle, innocent high school senior to a wild, vivacious party girl with a punk hairdo, begins working as a performer at Girls, Girls, Girls & Beer, a local dance hall, during her sophomore year in college.

After dating many young men on the fast track, aspiring yuppie Penny fell for none other than Jim Grant, a construction worker from Lou's company. Jim was actually from a very wealthy family, but loved the laborer's life better, resulting in his turning down the opportunity to helm his family's million-dollar enterprise in order to be truly happy.

Later, Penny found a new love interest in Mike Chandler, a suitor that Joe had an extremely hard time having around. Mike was none other than the lawyer hired by Penny's mother, Joe's ex-wife Janey, to retrieve part of Joe's pro football salary, that she had yet to receive as a part of her divorce settlement with him. During their legal dealings, Penny moved out of Janey's house when her mother remarried on a whim, and got her own studio apartment. She graduated from college the following spring, and was hired as a junior writer for a big-time advertising firm.