Episode 1: Wedding Bell Blues
Episode 2: What?
Episode 3: Chez Cliff
Episode 4: Love and Learn
Episode 5: Leave It to Cleavage
Episode 6: Fear of Heights
Episode 7: Cliff's Magic Recipe
Episode 8: On the Rebound
Episode 9: Old Man Waters
Episode 10: Home Is Where the Heart Is
Episode 11: Man's Choice
Episode 12: Starry, Starry Nightmare
Episode 13: Penny and the Hard Hat
Episode 14: Las Vegas Serenade: Part 1
Episode 15: Las Vegas Serenade: Part 2
Episode 16: One on One
Episode 17: The Farmer Always Rings Twice
Episode 18: Bachelor Father
Episode 19: Masquerade
Episode 20: Thanksgiving
Episode 21: Stolen Pleasures
Episode 22: Is the Caller There?
Episode 23: The Windsor War
Episode 24: There's a Lid for Every Pot
Episode 25: The Point After No More?

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